The later a bug is discovered the more expensive becomes its fix. We help you to ensure the quality of your products and services. That reaches from the validation of your computer system up to the working out and validation of concepts for the international business development.

Soft- and hardware

  • Project support and consulting for goal-directed development and/or validation of the quality of a software product.

  • Analysis and reengineering of existent code (retrospective validation),

  • Taking over and realization of independent tests,

  • Recommendation and introduction of development and qualitiy control standards, like design and encryption standards, documentation, test methods, configuration management and version control of software and change control.

Business development

  • Creation and validation of concepts for business development considering national general conditions.

    • Adaption and verification of marketing and sales strategy according to the national and regional customer and market structure,

    • Accompanied, qualified presentation of products and services in foreign markets.

  • Especially international efforts make a secure information and communication structure essential. The data transfer in a validated hard- and software environment moreover provides the benefit of high reliability, thus fullfilling the requirements of its availability. A validated environment means the transparent connection of voice and data services to an integrated system.

validierung en

  • Automated software tests on client-server architectures (IEEE Std 829)

  • Use of decentralized and integrated solutions

  • Validation of business concepts