Security with IT

Above all we understand IT security from the point of view "security by means of IT". We consult you concerning your security problems and offer you comprising solutions. These solutions allow us to even work with companies that prescribe restrictive security directives.

Highly available systems

Today, no company can do without the use of information and communication technologies. But successful, competitive work requires functioning technology, which is protected against system down time, data loss and fraud in an adequate way. We work out and provide you redundant and thus highly available systems.

Computer system validation

By means of a validation of the computer system this essential part of a phase of production can be made more reliable. But also the teamwork of security specific hard-/software solutions and the ressource "employee" becomes more and more important. Only considering all aspects allows to establish a high degree of security in companies on a long-term basis.

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  • Conception, Implementation and Validation of highly-secure and -available systems

  • Multi-domain Authentication (cross-realm)

  • Security through qualified employees

  • Security by means of integrated system solutions