Why outsourced billing?

Shall I part with an essential part of my business process and the most frequently used interface to the client? Despite of these doubts, the outsourcing of billing is of significant benefit for you:

  • Use of high-performance components that are also used for the billing in the telco's sector,

  • No capital costs for hard- and software, no expenses in administration

  • Improved costing through low-price service agreements for the billing service

  • Automatic update and enhancement of billing components,

We can fulfil these requirements by offering you the billing as service of a clearing house.

The chance for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Offer you clients attractive price structures for your services,
  • Combine part performance of third party suppliers with own services for an overall package of higher quality,

  • Bind your clients with fexible bonus programs that can be developed as desired,

  • Real-time evaluation through you and your clients by means of a web-based customer self care,

  • Billing of client balances up to the real-time disconnection of services when reaching a predefined threshold.

With the use of our clearing house the billing of all above subjects will no longer be a problem for you.

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