Charging as the central issue of telecommunications service providers

The bill as the result of the charging most often is the single interface of the CSP to its customers or 3rd parties. As most CSPs focus on their network infrastructure charging is not necessarily the CSP's core competence. Charging nevertheless is the basis for all the CPS's revenue and therefore - if handled improperly - the CSP's most obvious revenue leak.

Killer application not in sight!

Apart from the general switch to IP-based transport there seems to be no "killer application" in sight to generate significant new revenue for the CSPs. Various new services will be launched which attract customers through their technical details, but it is the CSP's task then to create a significant ROI from those services.

The motto for these new services could be: "if you can't bill it, it doesn't exist"


Apart from the CSPs as typical customers for charging components we also target e.g. business portals, ISPs, CMS supplier, public broadcasting companies, content or telemedicine providers as potential customers for our unique charging solutions.

The convergence of different services and markets is the future challenge for charging solutions. In addition to this challenge we see the constant personalization of services and the liberalization of markets.

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