Development of Billing Systems

On of the key fields of AIS' activity is the developement of software componentes for billing solutions utilized within the telecommunications, utility or eHealth industry.

AIS' year-long experience in the development of real-time systems allows our customers to charge for time-critical services, e.g. in a prepaid environment. But as we don't see a major difference to post-paid charging huge "batch runs" should be history by now.

  • GSM, UMTS, Interconnect, third party billing, VoIP, IMS, smart metering or charging of telemedical services are covered by AIS' software components which handle chargeable events within any environment. Our development always results in a convergent handling of all services.

  • With its holistic team AIS includes aspects of administrative accounting into its billing solutions. This results in a unique software which utilizes double-entry bookkeeping with unlimited accounts and account hierarchies. Only this approach allows to consistently charge for all the participants of the chargeable events, especially in a up-to-date multi-party environment.

Standard Software

  • The flexible adaptation of business process is inevitable in today's quickly changing markets. This results in the need for reliable, flexible and efficient standard software but also in the need of an equally reliable, flexible and efficient support team. AIS provides the solutions as well as such a team to let our customers profit from standard software. Our suppliers include LEXWARE, Syska and 42 Software. Naturally, we support our customers throughout the project with trainings and on-site installation. AIS also provides hot-line support and update services.

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